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Doodle: A Comet :icona3dnazrigar:A3DNazRigar 7 2 Tumblr Practice Dump - Dark Souls Edition :icona3dnazrigar:A3DNazRigar 11 6 Skullcrawler Sketches :icona3dnazrigar:A3DNazRigar 48 30 Project Pantheon - Gong-Gong :icona3dnazrigar:A3DNazRigar 91 24 WIP2 Project Pantheon - Gong-Gong :icona3dnazrigar:A3DNazRigar 12 8 WIP2 - Me Fave Poke Starters :icona3dnazrigar:A3DNazRigar 4 5 WIP1 Project Pantheon - Gong-Gong :icona3dnazrigar:A3DNazRigar 8 10 Project Pantheon - Vritra :icona3dnazrigar:A3DNazRigar 58 32 Project Pantheon: A Local Touch :icona3dnazrigar:A3DNazRigar 13 19 Project Pantheon WIP - Vritra :icona3dnazrigar:A3DNazRigar 13 13 Crossover Pokefusion: Tiny Tiger the Incineroar :icona3dnazrigar:A3DNazRigar 35 20 Merry Christmas Disney Fans 2016 :icona3dnazrigar:A3DNazRigar 22 3 Commish: Monsturra Rumble Roster :icona3dnazrigar:A3DNazRigar 42 13 Project Pantheon - Orochi :icona3dnazrigar:A3DNazRigar 73 43 Project Pantheon - Orochi Teaser2 :icona3dnazrigar:A3DNazRigar 17 20 Inktober - Resting Conkeldurr :icona3dnazrigar:A3DNazRigar 11 7


Commission: A Visitor in the Herd :iconshadeofshinon:ShadeofShinon 573 33 Dark Souls III - Fire Keeper collage :iconver1sa:ver1sa 1,188 59 Daily Paint 1602. T-Bone Rex vs. Brocciosaurus :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 3,758 117 Fringehead Kaiju :iconthedragonofdoom:TheDragonofDoom 332 16 Colossus of Life :iconkubeen:Kubeen 98 8 I am Vendrick, Ruler of Drangleic :iconvempirick:vempirick 433 18 I am no king. I am more fit to be a jester :iconvempirick:vempirick 255 14 3/365 - Yhorm :iconh1fey:h1fey 228 14 Blue ribbon :iconsandara:sandara 4,548 139 Spaniards :iconborba:borba 21 6 Tired Ralph. :iconarioanindito:Arioanindito 266 19 Darth Vader Ukiyo-e :iconarioanindito:Arioanindito 124 36 Godzilla Dethroned - Godzilla :icondie-laughing:Die-Laughing 29 4 Pacific Rim Kaiju - Nova Head :icondie-laughing:Die-Laughing 47 4 Godzilla vs Leatherback :icondie-laughing:Die-Laughing 102 24 Before Bagan, There Was... :icondinohunter2:DinoHunter2 71 16


Artist | Student | Digital Art
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Likes: Dinosaurs, kaiju, mecha, armored vehicles (tanks and such), a shitload of video games, animals (especially reptiles), western Animation, western comics, certain anime and manga ... lots of stuff really.

Likes -> Dislikes: Wolves (not really... it's just that so many animals deserve better)

Dislikes: Twilight, console wars, Space Godzilla.

Favourite genre of music: Rock
Favourite style of art: Western comics
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: Ipod Touch
Wallpaper of choice: Anything game-related
Favourite cartoon character: I have many


Doodle: A Comet
Tumblr Mirror | Instagram Mirror

A relaxation doodle I did a few days ago because college, for perhaps the first time ever, has hit that stress threshold where I just have this urgent NEED to do some relaxing doodles. Also because I still need to practice my coloring.

...Also because a comet flew by April Fool's day.
Tumblr Practice Dump - Dark Souls Edition
Much like the Skullcrawler drawing, I needed to further practice with Digital brushes in anticipation for my degree project, because as it turns out, fanart is great for practice! Especially if they have people in it :D. I also used this opportunity to practice on colors, shading, mood and color theory... and creating my own distinct style for when drawing people (explained further below)

Nameless King: Link
Lucatiel and Solaire Buddy Adventure: Link

I got stuck how to practice brushes... Then it struck me, in light of The Ringed City launch, as in the absolute last addition to the Dark Souls series, I decided to try and make some long overdue. I feel it's pretty weird/sad that, despite being one of my biggest artistic influences and one of my current obsessions lore/art-direction wise, I never drew fanart of it, not even it's monsters. Not Kalameet, not Seath, not Sinh, not even a crystal lizard. Only when the Souls series is finally at its end do I draw something related to it... I feel awful.

Anyway back to the art, besides practice on brushes and line quality, I wanted to try out color theory and mood. I wanted to use as few a color range as possible for Solaire, Lucatiel and the Nameless King, using only one or two hues to reflect their personalities, both in-game and lore wise, blue for broody Luca, yellow for bright and optimistic Solaire, and reddish-orange for a pretty peeved Nameless. Speaking of Nameless, the picture at the very top is basically like the skullcrawler drawing, but pushed even further, featuring more details, more differences in shading and lightning... and an actual expression.

And lastly... Because now I have my very first crackship. I know it's impossible because timespans... But I'm a sucker for optimist x broody ships and dammit Lucatiel needs a friend and what better friend than sunbro himself? :D . So here they are, having a jolly adventure and meeting the covenant patron of the Warriors of Sunlight himself, Gwyn's Firstborn, ol' Nameless King, whom is also suspected to be same individual the eastern kingdoms like Forossa worship as Faraam.

Praise the sun! \[T]/

All characters are (c) FromSoft
Skullcrawler Sketches
Tumblr Mirror (AKA the original post)
Since in degree class I'll be experimenting with a different artstyle than usual, I thought I ought to do a little practice with a pencil brush.

Also Kong was a fun monster romp, and boy the skullcrawlers were super aggressive... So I thought it'd be funny to draw a skullcrawler that isn't aggressive at all :D.
Project Pantheon - Gong-Gong
Instagram Mirror: Link
Previous: Vritra

Woohoo! Amidst all this school and essays, I finally found time to continue with the latest addition to project pantheon, Gong-Gong! He represents the Devonian Mass Extinction event, and since the Devonian period is the age of fishes, his design is mainly based off Placoderms. The rocky parts represent to possible ways of extinction, tectonic activity and bolides, aka, meteors that explode over the atmosphere, giving him the fractured look.

A major artistic opportunity for me, I decided to forgo my usual lineart style, in favor of painting value and shading within the lineart itself. I need to learn this because soon I'll be begin the production of my major assignment, a PreViz short, and that requires me understanding how to shade backgrounds. So I'm using Gong-Gong here as an experiment, and man oh man did I have fun trying to texture rock and water. I had to study several references, including images of water elementals for Gong-Gong's watery body and characters like Havel (of Dark Souls fame) to create his rocky exterior, as well as the Hippocampi of GoW.

One of the highlights of his design is the use of the Wish-Granting Pearl, which can mean a lot of things in Chinese art, be it thunder, immortality or just the moon. Here its a conduit for his magical abilities.

This also marks my first great experimentation with different kinds of Photoshop brushes, including airbrushes and pencil brushes, largely for the rocky parts of his body

He's also the first great beast that is truly psychotic. All the other great beasts at this point are sane, if a lot of them are just really angry. Gong-Gong is not.

Because I want to illustrate his descent into madness, he also has the longest history of the Great Beasts... So without further ado...

“The line between genius and madness is a fine one indeed, this creature is irrefutable proof of it.” – Thoth

“He was gifted a brilliant mind… and he chooses to inflict untold suffering upon thousands, all to sate his wounded pride.” – The Archangel Raphael

“Pathetic… unbefitting to anyone who calls him or herself great beast or dragon…” – Vritra

“He may be crazy, he may be a jerk who rants about how I’m “not a real dragon”, but rest assured, with all the spells he’s studied over the eons he’s dangerous as f-” – Orochi 

“Many ask… why would I want to keep such an infamous creature as ol’ Kanghui here, well to them I say; As long as you give someone even a slight chance of getting what they want, even a few breadcrumbs here and there… they will follow you through the ends of the universe under the premise that eventually, in the end, they’ll receive it! And as long as they're loyal to you, might as well make use of it…” – The Jade Emperor

Gong-Gong, The Black Dragon, The Mad Sorcerer, The Living Sea, is the Great Beast whose hailed as an intellectual powerhouse and whose sanity is most questionable, is the powerful and odd of the dragons within the Jade Empire, the realm of the Jade Emperor’s Celestial Bureaucracy. Not a being of flesh and blood who controls the elements like other eastern dragons, he essentially is the elements, specifically a giant mass of ocean, whose form is kept in place by a stony carapace, reminiscent of powerful fish from an age long past. With the use of magical pearls, he has mastered several arts of magic, and knows countless spells to compensate for any weakness.

They say when he spawned from the immaterium, it was said his presence could shake the galaxy, such was his size. He once prided himself of being the strongest of the “Lung”, as the citizens of the Jade Empire would call his kind, above even Ao Kuang, and once claimed his power can challenge any god… Until he met Zhu Rong… the fire god sent by the Jade Emperor to humble the beast.

Believing that he, the Living Sea, could swallow any flame no matter how powerful would be enough to defeat Zhu Rong, attacked the fire god head-on, with all the fury of the ocean… He was wrong. Zhu Rong’s fire-bolts blasted apart his stone carapace and skeleton, and after a long and grueling battle… the Black Dragon admitted defeat… and was never the same again.

As he healed and licked his wounds, he stewed, going angrier and angrier at his defeat by a mere flesh-god… Until he was so angry he proceeded to go on an epic rampage across the Jade Emperor’s section of the galaxy. Everywhere he went, the oceans swelled and flooded worlds, and some he even ate and absorbed into his being, becoming larger and larger than ever before.

To stop him, the goddess Nuwa, used the stone legs of Ao, another great beast, to replace the worlds that Gong Gong destroyed. Using her own skill in magic, for every world Gong Gong destroyed, she replaced, and over time, the dragon finally relented. His pride absolutely crushed that he could do anything to beat the gods in the long run, and amongst other Pantheons and great beasts, earned a reputation as a savage beast, unworthy of respect.

Here, the Jade Emperor found an opportunity. To showcase his wisdom, that he can convince anyone to the path of good… he struck a deal with the dragon. To satiate his need to be “equal” to the gods, little by little he would be taught the art of magic, from all the sources he could possibly find, from all the pantheons he was in contact with. He gifted the dragon with divine pearls, conduits of magical ability. As long Gong-Gong remained loyal, he would be given more and more of these small “gifts”. Gong-Gong’s loyalty soon became something akin to filial piety toward the Jade Emperor.

Many god-heads were alarmed at this, believing that the Jade Emperor was changing as a person, becoming more pragmatic and less “conventionally” wise, others were impressed at his cunning.

When the Omni-War struck, and pantheon fought pantheon, having a sorcerous great beast turned out to be incredibly advantageous to the Jade Emperor, as while most great beasts relied upon what they were gifted with, Gong-Gong could use spells to heal himself and strike foes without having to go into contact.

His need to research on spells, enchantments, anything, discovering that pantheons as a whole are chock full with secrets, drove him psychotic, believing that yes, this is the path to true godhood. This earned him the ire of the beast that would be his greatest rival amongst the beasts… Vritra.

The Great Naga, Vritra, himself knowledgeable of the magical arts (as his armor was enchanted by Indra himself to bind him), knew how to counteract Gong-Gong, and as a being of drought and desolation, Vritra’s mere touch could evaporate Gong-Gong’s watery body. Unable to defeat the Great Naga, Gong-Gong retreated… once again his pride having been wounded for a third time.

As the Omni-War waned, unlike all other Pantheons, the Jade Emperor managed to wrench out a piece of the Milky Way to traverse the universe with an empire intact, he knew he can’t just let Gong-Gong go to waste. Using his considerable resources that he still had, he created a solar-system sized dyson sphere for the dragon to study and research in.

In the modern era, as human pantheons have become the dominant force of the universe, whenever the Jade Emperor feels that his presence need be felt, all he has to do is send Gong-Gong for a “expedition”… and all would be in order once more. He promises one day… That Gong-Gong will finally have his chance to defeat all those who wronged him…
Next: Nammu/Tiamat

With Gong-Gong finished, Tiamat is the next final entry to the current "season" of great beasts of Project Pantheon. Afterwards I'll be mostly focusing on the designs of the gods, the setting and the overall story of the setting.

WIP2 Project Pantheon - Gong-Gong
Hey there everyone, much like Orochi, Gong-Gong deserves a 2nd Work in Progress preview, largely because for Gong-Gong I'm going with a different direction compared to previous works, because for Gong-Gong, it'll be something that I believe that I have been neglecting for a long time... I believe I've relied on the use of lineart for so long, I neglected my study on texturing and values. So I'm gonna try to and actually use different kinds of brushes, including airbrush and pencil brushes to give Gong-Gong a proper rocky texture.

Also, I hope this preview can show Gong-Gong's aquatic element... though no pearl action yet, which is gonna be important later... Because he's gonna be the beast version of the sorcerer... with a little inspiration, personality wise, from a PaleDrake from a very famous and hard video game...
Hey there everyone! I hope everyone has a Happy New Year! And let's pray that this year 2017 goes better than last year.

Just wanted to list out my goals for this year, and there's a lot actually!

- Practice more on my flaws, both artistically and as a person. 2016 was a pretty stressful year, and it revealed to me a lot of my own personal flaws.
- Get more sleep, seriously
- Attempt to submit more art. Practice art, concept work, anything. Because I'll sure be busy this year!
- Balance fun and work
- Finish season one of Project Pantheon, including Vritra, Gong Gong, and last but not least Tiamat/Nammu.

And that's it really! Really excited for this year.
In other news, just wanted to know if any you would be interested in helping me with my assignment, I'm making an animatic but one of the criterions include market research. I made a survey regarding consumer preferences for animation. It's a short survey (only 10 questions), and if possible, I hope you guys may have time to complete the survey. If not that's also fine, here's the link:

Thank you!
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